Here is the complete guide to register and create your album to upload your SHO pictures into our website (


First off , enter the main site. click on register.

Read the Terms and if you agree , click I agree.

Fill in the form , with valid email (for confirmation - no spam crap will be sent).

For the SHO question that is asked , if you dont know the answer , its the total of 44 + 45=? (write your answer in the box)

For the confirmation code , even if the letters are in capitals , try to put your answer in normal letters (no caps) first.

If it fails you can always try with caps on.

Click submit , and if the infos are correct you will receive an email within 5 minutes (usually instant) , If not

you will see the infos that needs to be corrected.

In the email , located the link where it says : Please visit the following link in order to activate your account:

Click on it. It will open a window into

Then you can login with the infos you have provided earlier.




Now to upload a picture (or more)

Once logged in , click on USER CONTROL PANEL

Click on GALLERY

A tab opens , Click on MANAGE PERSONAL ALBUMS



Your album is created and you can upload in it by clicking on UPLOAD IMAGE

Enter in the name of the image , and its description (not mandatory)

Click on the button highlighted (yea mine is in french) , and look for pictures located on your computer.

It accepts only images types ".JPG .GIF .PNG" which is like 90% of the images out there.

Note that images that are ALREADY out on the internet (EX: Photobucket) will not work directly , you will

have to save them first on your computer in order to put it on

Go back in the user galleries , your pictures should be there.


If you have any issues , you can contact me at admin(at)